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Welcome To Boris Nets!

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About Us

An international company, BORIS nets specialises in the design and manufacture of nets and netting support systems for various markets including the aquaculture, fishing, construction, Sports & Leisure sectors as well as for many other specific industrial applications.

Boris Net Training delivers Inspector & General Rigger Training Courses to provide technical advice & training on safe installation practice.

We have been going for over 60 years!

From specialist canopy netting for helium balloons, Powerline crossing nets to ensure the safe installation of powerlines across the UK road network and netting around machinery, conveyer belts or pallet racking we offer a vast range of netting grades and sizes to suit any requirement. Skip cover nets and wagon covers are available tailored to suit your needs.

Standard Debris netting or stainless-steel cladding mesh used on buildings have proven popular recently and can be supplied cut to any size and machine edged for extra strength and durability.

To date we have supplied to BAE Systems, Lindstrand Technologies and Amazon Uk where we recently installed a netting system to ensure the safe transportation of parcels through the warehouse conveyer belt network.

Our design and installation experts are always on hand to discuss your individual requirements.

Training and Testing -

Approved riggers card (general) training courses, annual safety net inspection, tagging & net repair.


Information on sports, industrial & fishing nets; construction site safety nets and roof access personnel anchors.